Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

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At Malakai Construction, Inc., exceptional quality is among our most prized values. That's why we want to connect clients with the best subcontractors available. We offer subcontractor pre-qualification nationwide. We streamline the application process and make it convenient to get approved with our offices throughout the country. Begin today to discover new opportunities within our vast network of partners, projects, and contracting opportunities.
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Do I Need Pre-Qualification?

Please seek pre-qualification yearly if you want to bid and fulfill projects with Malakai Construction, Inc.. Those who don't require pre-qualification to work and partner with us include:
  • Vendors
  • Adjusters
  • Material Providers
  • Testers
  • Engineers
  • Architects and Landscapers
  • Panners
  • Surveyors
  • Environmental Science Professionals

W-9 Forms

Please provide a W-9 document containing your income information from the past year, provided officially by the IRS. The document must include your full legal name, signature, and date.

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Sample Insurance Certificate

Please provide proof of insurance certificate to us. The certificate must be current and contain the necessary details. Expired insurance certificates will not be accepted by Malakai Construction, Inc..

OSHA Forms 300 and 300A

Please provide OSHA documents and detail how many employees work for your company and the total hours worked yearly. The 300A is needed if incidents have happened on the job.

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EMR Verification

Please provide EMR verification that shows your history and the likelihood of workers' compensation and claims costs in the future. The document must reflect the last three years of history and probability.

Surety Letter

Please provide a surety letter proving underwriting and approval. The letter must be dated within the last 30 days and contain your single project bonding surety, aggregate bonding capacity, and amount.

Additional Financial Information

Please provide the additional financial information we request so we can thoroughly evaluate your financial status. Additional information includes your WIP schedule, accounts receivable aging summary, and a line of credit bank statement.
Some jurisdictions require additional licensing depending on trade. Please send all pre-qualification and licensing materials to

Begin a New Adventure

We love meeting with passionate professionals who give every project their best. Strong teams, partnerships, and working relationships build the foundation for fantastic, landmark work. If you are a contractor who shares our devotion to clients and excellence, we would love to hear from you. Please pre-qualify in a few easy steps today, and we'll reach out to you soon.